Best Streaming Workouts



We post lots of free online content for exercise classes you can stream (and sweat along to!) anytime, anywhere. But there is a whole, HUGE market for fee-based online classes out there as well. While a lot of the free content is excellent, it isn’t structured in the way the fee-based classes are. For example, look at the Daily Burn. You can either sign up to receive DAILY 30 minute workouts that will remain active for 24 hours only. Or, you can sign up for a two-month “bootcamp” with Celebrity Trainer Bob Harper that changes with each workout. So you can decide what fits with your goals and time restrictions more effectively.

Please note: none of these classes will be designed for you specifically like a personal trainer would be able to do, and none of these classes will know about your injuries or restrictions, so please enter ANY program slowly and steadily. Watch your form (ideally there would be a mirror in the room you are working out in) and never push through real pain – only “the burn”.

But, it is well documented that in order for exercise to be effective, we need to keep our bodies guessing, so these programs are great! The fact is, that left on our own, we will do the same kind of workout all of the time. That is true for online content as well. You have probably found 2-3 videos you like, and you just keep repeating them.

If that is the case, it may be time to investigate some of these paid classes and put your money where your mouth is!

Here are a list of a few fee-based classes that are worth checking out:

Yoga Glo 


Booya Fitness