Living a FITlife is about much more than proper nutrition and exercise. Emotional health, making environmentally conscious choices, and maintaining healthy relationships are just a few of the other factors that help keep us FIT. The FITgals are here to help with tips and links to pertinent news and new studies to help you maintain a FIT body and a FIT mind!


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Balance, Moderation, and Variety in Relationships

Making healthy food choices but still gaining weight?

Making time for charitable giving

Finding Your Bliss

Endorphins and Exercise

Staying FIT on a Road Trip

Get a Dog…and Walk It. Tips for staying active

Moving Less? Eat less!

Couples Activities 

FIT Celebration

Volunteer with Girls on the Run

Organic? Local? Tips for Farmer’s Market Survival

Find out our Diet Deal Breakers

FITintheCITY Investigates: Quinoa, Soy, Almond Flour, and Yogurt

FITintheCITY Investigates: False News Reports

Surviving a Weekend of Debauchery 

Summer Skin Care

FITfoods to Fuel Your Workout

FIT Vacations

“Fed Up”: Are all calories created equal?

Stress Eating: Omega 3’s and Stress

FITintheCITY investigates: What’s the deal with Paleo?

Almond Milk and Food Additives 

Whole Foods Greek Yogurt and Sugar Content

Fad Diet: Intermittent Fasting

Fad Diet: Going Gluten Free

Fad Diet: Carbs Vs. Fats / South Beach Diet

Fad Diet: Low-Fat diets and “Fed-Up” Follow-Up

Possible cause of that Stomach Sensitivity 

More about additives…

The 90/10 Meal Plan + Sample Diet!

Top Top Tips for Staying FIT

How to ID a Diet Buster on a Menu

Eat this NOT that: DC Fast Food Take 1

Eat this NOT that: DC Fast Food Take 2

Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Great GIFT Ideas 2014

Motivation Station

Exercise and Aging

Foods you DON’T have to give up

The Elimination Diet

Importance of Walking/Losing Weight

The Happiness Project

3-Day Non-Cleanse Cleanse

Easter/Passover Survival Tips

Check-out “The Katering Show” if you have a sense of humor…

Best Vegetarian Blogs

Summer Survival Guide 2015: Turkey Edition!

Too Good to Be True “Studies” and BEST OF CHOCOLATE

Old Wives Tales

What makes a “healthy food” healthy?

Food and Digestion

Did your favorite Fast Food Joint pass the antibiotics in meat test??

East Diet Tricks: Swapping Ingredients

How much water do you really need?

Why does all food seem to be bad for us? (Part 1)

Why does all food seem to be bad for us? (Part 2)

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How much sugar should you give your toddler?

Tips for Living a Healthy Life

Staying FIT with a Toddler 

Real Girls’ Guide to Eating Healthy

FITmama on Huffpo! Balancing Motherhood and Work

FITmama Lean’s In

5-Day Spring Detox Diet

Kim Keating Makes Time for Exercise

Transitioning from Summer to Fall with a Family

Confessions from a natural childbirth

Can you really eat your placenta? 

New mom? The importance of the power work-out

Getting your FIT back after baby. Sign up for a race!

Sleep Deprivation Survival 

FITmama on Hitched! The bride to be’s 12 month checklist

Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet

Rosie Pope inspires FITmama (and she will inspire you too…)

Toxic-Free Cleaning 

Eating for Two: Pregnancy and Nutrition 

Tips for those picky eaters

Tips for Bouncing Back after Baby

Protect that mamma belly

What to do with all that Halloween Candy

FITmama’s cabin fever finds for kids

Homemade Baby Food Made Simple

Post-Natal Depletion 

Sunscreen Guide

Great tips from Guest Bloggers:

What do kids really think about healthy food?

The importance of walking to school

How to “Work hard, Play hard” while Staying FIT

FITfamily summer survival

FITfamily Summer Realist 

Meditation for Beginners 


Holiday Gift Ideas

Tools for helping you stay FIT

Tips for a FIT Girl’s Night Out

Staying FIT while eating out

Understanding and Preventing Heart Disease

Food Politics. Don’t be a victim of “healthy” marketing 

Interesting Articles:

Toxic Home

Chemicals in Cosmetics

Facts about Fat-Free

To Juice or not to Juice?

Kris Carr Answers Important Questions: Kefir? Frozen Veggies?





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