Whether training for a marathon or trying to squeeze in a 20 minute workout at home…the FITgals have you covered!


Race Training

From couch to 1/2 marathon

Fuel for your race

The importance of rest

Nike 1/2 Marathon

Cherry Blossom 10-miler

Rock N’ Roll 1/2 Marathon

Girls on the Run

Cross-train with the 4 X 4 

FIT Vacations

2014 Runs: 5k’s to Marathons in the DC area

From Couch to 10K

In-Home Workout’s

Butt, Legs, Thigh


Got 5 minutes?

15 minute Tracy Anderson Arm Workout

All you need is 20 minutes and 5 lbs. weights

Work those abs!

Arm Workout

30min Yoga Routine

Sexy Back – Workout for the BUM!

Who needs a gym?


The Slow Burn

Look like Kelly Ripa! 

At Home Yoga with Jillian Michaels

Tracy Anderson’s GOOP Work-Out

Prenatal Core Workout

Summer ABS

Barre3 Video

Put that baby to work-out

Yoga, Booty, Ballet

Pick-Up those In-Home Weights!

3 Tight Tummy Exercises 

In-Home Cardio + Pilates!

Prenatal ARMS and TUSH

POWER through the Holidays program

In-Home Cardio: Fitness Blender


10-Minute Body Weight Video 

FOAM ROLLING: Aka best way to stretch

AKTinMotion Treadmill Workout

Bikini Belly Workout

5 Best Body Weight Exercises

Boost Your Endurance

9 Killer Moves to do ANYWHERE

The In-Home Workout MOTHERLOAD (link to online videos)

Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred!

Exercise Clothing Recommendations




Gaby’s FITjams


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