Welcome to the FITlife!  

A Blog about having your cake and (trying not to) eat it too!

Melissa Farley (aka FitMama) and Liz Osborn (aka FITintheCITY) are personal trainers and wellness coaches for FITtrition, a company Melissa started in 2010 to help people in the DC Metro Area get FIT & FABULOUS!

Over the years, we noticed a common trend – people always ask us: “What do you do?” …so we developed the FIT life to share it with you!

Meet the FITgals! 


Mel & Jack_3349 (1)

As a new mama, Melissa blogs about maintaining her weight and sanity while navigating new-mommydom.  From placenta pills to sleep deprivation and many push-ups in between, follow Melissa on her quest to find the humor of being a hot mama while finding balance and bringing her sexy back!  Checkout Melissa’s experience here and schedule a session today!



Liz, having just moved to DC from LA, blogs about staying fit and fun in a new city.  Explore all DC has to offer with Liz’s many adventures from hiking, dog trails, and awesome running paths!  Liz brings a sassy approach to keeping it real and knowing when to indulge in the best new restaurant and when to enjoy a guilty pleasure! Checkout Liz’s experience here and schedule a session today!

Staying FIT is more fun with friends! Watch out for guest posts from some of our favorite FIT friends and clients!



As an MBA graduate, dancer, and Zumba instructor, Gaby blogs about everything in the professional world from corporate wellness to a no nonsense approach to the logistics of getting a tight end… No pun intended!  Checkout Gaby’s experience here and schedule a session today!



Kristi is a freelance writer, communications consultant and busy mom of two.  Follow her adventures as her 5- and 7-year-olds keep her active and on her toes, and find great ideas for family activities to help keep your family fit!

Our mission is help everyone find their inner FIT gal and live a FIT & FABULOUS life!


the FIT gals


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