Turkey Detox…

We hope our FIT readers enjoyed Thanksgiving!

If you are feeling a little over-stuffed from all of the drinking, eating, and merriment, it may be time to do a little non-cleanse “cleanse”. The rules are simple: commit to at least 3 days of no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy, no white flour or whole-food gluten, no processed foods of any kind, and commit to exercise for at least 3 days this week.

Here is a post we did last year about it. If you need tips on how to “cleanse” for a vegetarian or vegan, let us know! Most of the recipes we have posted on the blog are non-cleanse “cleanse” approved, so have fun cooking this week!

Here’s a challenge: see if you are eat this way ALL the time between now and Christmas allowing the cheat moments to be at parties and other social/festive events for the holiday season. That way you can really enjoy those times guilt free!

The exercise part is important too, so enjoy this video I did the day after Thanksgiving this year when I didn’t have enough time to get out and run or take a class. It was a perfect 30-minute workout!


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