Another day…another cycling studio. At least it seems that way, doesn’t it? Cycling and barre studios are all the rage in DC right now- so Flywheel is taking advantage of the fad. Downstairs cycling studio, upstairs barre studio.

This will be a short review of just the cycling class (as that is what I took) because they aren’t reinventing the wheel…(pun not intended).

Pro’s: Very clean, SHOWERS!! (which is a HUGE pro because so many of these studios don’t have showers and then you have to be able to go home after the class which is super inconvenient most of the time), good location although parking can be a pain and the metro is a bit of a schlep (on Florida by Connecticut in Dupont), bikes were in good shape , there are a lot of them, and the stadium seating makes for easy viewing of the instructor at all times. Oh – and you can sign up for your bike in advance so you don’t have to worry about getting there super early if you care where you bike. Lastly, they have a lot of times – so you can usually find a time that works for your schedule. Oh – and the biggest perk is the FIRST CLASS FREE!

Con’s: The class is short and expensive for the length (only 45 mins). You are supposed to compete against each other but those in the know started before the class – so those not in the know (aka me) were at a disadvantage from the start. And the “competition” is for your power number (which comes from the torque – or resistance – plus speed) and in order to even think about competing, you would have to keep the resistance WAY up for most of the class – which frankly, does more to bulk your legs up than anything else. The pace the instructor set was totally un-realistic. There were several times where I was no where near the speed she was screaming at everyone to be at…like she wanted 90’s and I couldn’t crack 70’s. I didn’t love the music and the class was WAY too repetitive. Unlike SoulCycle where you really do feel like you are taking the club to the bike, this was just one uphill climb after another uphill climb. BOOORRRINGG…They do have an upper body element (using a light bar instead of hand weights), but it wasn’t great or enough in my opinion.

So – if you want some cardio and are in the area – check it out for sure. Also…I am not a very competitive person so while I was almost annoyed with the competitive aspect of the class, others may find this motivating.

What are our FITfriends taking right now that they are loving? Any new classes or studios you want us to check out??

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 5.17.27 PM1927 Florida Ave NW
Washington DC


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