Summer Vacation Survival Guide

Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of posting last week but FITintheCITY was on summer vacation in Turkey! Here are a few pics from Cappadocia:




The view from the Argos Hotel

IMG_0785Enjoying Turkish Wines!

IMG_0781 (1)

Tom and Liz enjoying the sites


From the awesome Pigeon Valley Hike

We also visited (and by visited, I mean ate our way through Istanbul)…which leads us to the FIT-portion of this post. How can one “enjoy” summer vacation and explore a new city without packing on lbs??

Here are my top 3 tips for summer-vacation survival:

1. Walk, walk, walk. It is not only THE best way to explore a new city, but it definitely allows for you to enjoy that extra Kebab or glass of Turkish wine.

2. Practice Moderation. Try everything but keep the portions small and pick your bigger meals. For our vacation, it seemed like dinner was the thing, so I stuck to salads at lunch and eggs for breakfast so that I could really enjoy dinner.

3. Don’t overeat or drink alcohol on the flights. Especially for those longer flights, pack some healthy snacks and stick with them. On this trip, I was basically sedentary for almost 2 full days of an 8 day vacation so I stuck to seeds and salads. Pass on the in-flight meal if you can. It is (almost) never good and it is (almost) always full of sodium and way too large. You generally eat out of boredom, not hunger when you fly. And stick to water!! Alcohol dehydrates you even more and when you are dehydrated, you tend to feel hungry. Oh and there are¬†calories in alcohol (even though we like to forget that fun-fact sometimes).

Lastly…remember that no “damage” cannot be undone. If you overdid it a bit on vacation, just commit to super clean eating and no alcohol when you return from your trip. One week of daily exercise and vegetables galore will offset your overindulgence.

Where are our FIT-Friends heading this summer??


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