3 Ways to Boost your Endurance

With Spring in full bloom, it’s time to rejuevenate your fitness routine!!  The FITgals love to spice up our workouts and add elements to increase strength and endurance.  Here are 3 simple ways to boost your endurance and SPRING INTO ACTION!


  • Don’t Be Boring!! Switching up your workout routine is key.  Try combining your cardio and strength days into a total body workout.  You always want to keep your mind and body guessing so that you fully engage all your muscles.  Try jumping rope for one minute followed by walking lunges (20x), squats (15x), and then holding plank (1 min) and repeat 2-3 sets.
  • Bang for your Buck.  The more muscles you can work in one movement or exercise the more it will improve your stamina.  Adding compound exercises vs. isolation exercises will stimulate more muscle groups and therefore give you a greater caloric burn.  Instead of isolated bicep curls, try alternating lunges (20x) with a bicep curl (5-8lbs) to an overhead press and repeat 2-3 sets.
  • BURST! Adding an explosive or dynamic movement to an exercise will dramatically increase your endurance.  Explosive movements challenge your balance, strength, and endurance all in a split second!  Try adding 15 burpees, tuck jumps, or jumping lunges into your workout after each circuit!


Enjoy!! Xx



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