It’s Cadbury Egg and Matza-Survival Time!

Happy Passover and Easter to all of our FITfriends!

It is always helpful to review some survival tips before the platters of cakes and holiday treats come out, so here goes:

1. Don’t say: “This year, I am not having ANY candy for Easter”…you are setting yourself up for failure. Once you have determined that you have “failed”, you tend to indulge even more. Just commit to having two of your favorite things instead of attempting to abstain. One cadbury egg and a slice of Easter bread will not bust your “svelte by summer” plan. Ten cadbury eggs and a half of a loaf of bread will do a bit more damage…(this is less of a problem for our Jewish friends as we ALL know Passover desserts are the WORST – so commit to abstaining because you know it isn’t worth it. Or be polite and accept whatever tasteless, dry “treat” is offered and then push it around your plate and lie to the chef like every other Jew that THEIR matza-meal brownie tastes exactly like a real brownie…)

2. Try not to go into the Holiday party hungry: This is especially important for our Passover celebrators. The miracles described in the sedar do not include the miracle that the service before the meal is shorter this year. We all know it is long…so why oh why does every person come to the sedar uttering the words, “I’m starving” while leafing through the Haggadah to see what page the meal lands on. It is on page 130 or something!! (we jest…but seriously, if you have ever gone to a sedar hungry you know it feels that way.) Eat a nice salad or something healthy before you head to the celebration. If you aren’t hungry by the time food is out, even better! Most holiday meals don’t fall into the “lite” category, so have a few bites and that’s it!

3. Don’t forget to move: For some reason, when family is in town, people find it impossible to excuse themselves for 30 minutes to get in some exercise. Let this be the year you change that. See if someone wants to walk or run WITH you! If not, you probably need the break for your sanity anyway, so take it.


We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. Happy Spring! Happy Easter! And Happy Passover!


The FITgals



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