AKT InMotion

When it comes to staying FIT, everyone is always looking for the next BIG thing.  As a dancer, I always love an awesome dance inspired workout because it brings me back to the fun and joy of exercising!


I had heard about Anna Kaiser and her new AKT InMotion dance cardio classes from my favorite talk show host Kelly Ripa who has been taking these dance inspired workout classes for years!  We all know that Ripa has a knack for finding the next big fitness thing with her earlier finds of soulcycle and Physique57. So when I heard that Kaiser was coming to the DC area, I knew I had to literally jump on it.

The class was full of guys and gals who just wanna have fun on the dance floor. The combinations of movement came together as a dance routine by the end of class and were pieced together by ten minute intervals of yoga and strength moves. Truly an upbeat and sweaty workout that makes jumping and flexing more fun and worth doing again! If you are in NYC, be sure to checkout Anna’s studio for more booty shaking moves.

Do dance inspired workouts motivate you?!? The FITgals love to incorporate elements of dance into our exercises, so email melissa@fittritiondc.com to kickstart your dance inspired workout today!!




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