Motivation Station

It is really easy to succumb to the lure of the glass of red wine/tea, couch, slippers, and fireplace during the winter. Particularly around the holidays – since, if you are like us, you are so busy with work, holiday parties and prepping for your own celebration, exercise seems like a perfect New Year’s resolution (the whole “I will start back up in January…” excuse). To make things even more challenging, your favorite studio is closing down for the holidays and your trainer is out of town…so now what do you do??

It is time to self-motivate!


1. Have access to a treadmill? Start binge-watching that TV program or podcast (SERIAL!!) you have been meaning to get to. Commit to one program and try to run for as much of the 25-60 minutes (depending on the show) as you can. Not a runner? Put the incline up every 5 minutes and then bring it back down while maintaining a steady pace. If you don’t have a treadmill at home or a membership to a gym because you aren’t really a gym-type, check with local hotels, community colleges, colleges, YMCA’s and gyms about specials. You may be able to pay a guest fee or just pay for a month to get you through to the New Year. This is a great tip for those who are traveling for the holidays too! **Here’s where we need a little help! Serial is ending next week so if any of our FIT readers have a good podcast or TV show to recommend, we would love some motivation ourselves!

2. AKT InMotion videos. They are fun, easy to do at home (because you need little to no equipment) and reasonably priced. They are also only 10 minutes (on average) so even the busiest FIT reader can find the time for them.

AKT inMotion

3. Phone-a-friend. Once Dec. 23rd hits, most people will have a chunk of time off between Christmas and the New Year. Check in with friends and family and set a few dates to take a walk or take a class. This is a great way to catch up in a healthy way. Recommend this healthy alternative to friends trying to get together for a holiday dinner/drink too.


4. Do this power-program 4 times a week.

Plank 30 secs (elbows!)

Body Blasters (“burpees”) – 10 reps

Squat hops – 10 reps

Push-ups – 10 reps

Tricep Dips (either reverse plank position or off a chair or step) – 10 reps

Bicycle crunches – 10/side


Any tips you would like to share on staying motivated this winter? Please share!!





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