Happy FITs-giving!

Turkey, turkey‘Tis the week to celebrate with friends and family and take a little holiday break. Don’t let the start of the holiday season leave you reaching for the pants with the elastic waste-band. Here are some tricks for staying on track:

1. Look up a Turkey Trot! Lots of cities and towns have small, organized runs on the morning of Thanksgiving. If you are staying the Washington DC metro area, here is a 5k walk/run turkey trot for you!

2. No luck finding an organized run? Get out there yourself. Grab a friend or your phone to listen to music (or a podcast…anyone listening to Serial??) if you are already itching to get away from your crazy relatives, and move for 45 minutes to an hour. This is a great time to set a personal best and to achieve it. You will certainly have the fuel (aka – extra calories) and you should have the time. Try to run or walk both Thanksgiving morning and on Black Friday.

3. Take a nice walk after the “big meal”. Most people eat pretty early so it shouldn’t even be dark out. Grab the dogs, the kids, and the rest of the family and just walk for at least 30 minutes. Not only will you be burning calories, walking should also help with digestion.

4. Sign up for a class NOW for Black Friday to hold you accountable! Can’t make it to class? Try a great in-home video like FITsugar’s 30-minute SHRED!

5. The big meal should be just that….THE big MEAL (not meals…) Try to avoid going for Thanksgiving dinners 3 and 4 after Thursday. Make this delicious and nutritious tortilla soup with the leftover turkey…just hold off on the cheese and tortilla chips. A dollop of greek yogurt would be a great substitution! Toss a little leftover stuffing into a salad, but PLEASE don’t put it between two brioche slices!

Happy Thanksgiving from the whole FITtrition team!!


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