Pregnant FITfriends – this is for you!

I spent the weekend celebrating with many of my FIT friends and their beautiful families (who are both inside and outside of bellies).

With all of these expanding waistlines, I got tons of questions about exercising while pregnant so I thought I would share a few good prenatal exercise videos from our friends at FITsugar!

Grab light weights and carve out 10 minutes to tackle this great baby-safe upper body workout:

Strong GLUTES are integral to CORE strength so don’t forget your bottom half mommies-to-be! Take another 10 minutes to work out those legs.

FIT-mama has shared how important exercise is to surviving labor and bouncing back after baby so really try to devote 4-5 days per week to at least 30 minutes of exercise. Walking and running (if you were a runner before), the elliptical, and cycling are great ways to get your cardio in too! Just remember to check in with yourself and make sure you aren’t pushing too hard. And drink water! Lots and lots of water….

Congrats to all my beautiful friends and their expanding families!


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