Diet-Busters on Menus!

Western-style fast-food Vector material

We can’t look at every menu in the world on this little blog to help you determine what to order, but we are still here to help! Look for these words to help you identify diet busters on menus:

1. Aioli, mayonnaise, sour cream, cream, butter, butter cream, cheese…you get the point. If you can’t live without the aioli, get it on the side to control the amount you use.

2. Fried, breaded (9 times out of 10, breaded means it is fried). Look for baked, broiled, and steamed. Sauteed is a tricky one because sauteing at home, is usually good – but at a restaurant, it can mean sauteed in copious amounts of oil and butter. If you feel comfortable, just ask the server how something is prepared.

3. Sauces: alfredo, vodka, bechamel, hollandaise…simply avoid ordering these if items if possible.

4. Dressings – Caesar, french, ranch, thousand island, creamy vinaigrette…ALWAYS GET DRESSING ON SIDE. Even if the dressing is a diet buster, if you put it on the side, you can control the amount.

5. Double Starches: fried chicken and waffles, burger with bun or sandwich and fries/chips, fish and chips…if you want the burger, do it! Take off one piece of the bun (or both) and get a salad or steamed veggies on the side instead of the fries.

Any burning questions about whether your go-to item has been thwarting your weight loss? Just ask!! We are here to help.


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