Eat this NOT that continued…

Our guide to eating out continues with a few more quick and easy DC institutions:


Eat This: Lebanese Chicken Flatbread (380 calories) or for our veggies Sweet potato falafel flatbread (410 calories). All of the salads offered fall under the “Eat This” category too!

NOT That: The fall special Chicken Caesar and Bacon on Artisan Baguette…a whopping 700 calories. Ouch!


**When making your own salad, load up on veggies and try to cut out cheese, heavy dressings, bacon, croutons/tortilla chips/pita chips**

Eat This: Spicy Sabzi (430 calories), Rad Thai (375 calories), and Kale Caesar (430 calories) are all good stand by’s. Try the soups too for a filling, healthy, low-cal option!

NOT That: Avocobbo (705 calories…this is due to the blue cheese dressing. Cut the dressing out and this salad would be fine) or the Earth Bowl (775 calories. Cut out the cheese to make this a more manageable meal)


How about a place that isn’t a chain? Let’s check out Burger Tap and Shake’s menu. It is pretty reflective of the kind of fare you will find at most burger places. This requires a little more work because they don’t list the calories…so…

Eat This: UPSTREAM RUN (Salmon), Sriracha Aioli on the side, NO Bun or the BTS House salad with any meat (beef burger, chicken burger or turkey burger…not the falafel because they fry it), add avocado, with champagne vinaigrette on the side. Sadly, no side. All of the sides are fried. (Even though sweet potatoes are wonderful, sweet potato fries are usually fried and are therefore are not a healthy choice.)

NOT That: This menu is FULL of diet busters but the BIG DADDY with a side of fries and a milkshake would certainly set you back.


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