Willow Street Yoga + Pilates at Home

New neighborhood means new exercise studio! I am just like all of you – I only a limited amount of time to exercise, so I can’t spend a half an hour getting to and from a studio and then take an hour (sometimes more) class. Thank goodness Willow Street Yoga has two separate locations right down the street from me, and is wonderful! I took a Pilates class there the other day, and the teacher was very knowledgeable, friendly (but tough) and really hands on. The studio space is clean and simple, and unlike a lot of other studios, while drop in’s are always welcome, the studio encourages students to buy packages so that they can progress with the same group of people over an 8-12 week session. For most people, this is a HUGE perk. The class sizes are small and you are allowing the teacher to really know your body and help you strengthen and progress. Best of all – they have classes ALL DAY! That is particularly great for me and my odd schedule.

But in case you don’t have time to make it to class, have no fear. Our favorite online source for FREE in-home videos is here. Check out POPsugar Fitness and  the 30-minute CardioPilates workout!


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