What do YOU do to stay FIT?

FITmama and I started this blog because people always asked us what WE did to stay so fit year after year. After looking back at old posts, I realized that while the blog reflects LOTS of things we do, we have never really stated (clearly) the top tips we live by. That all changes now…

Here are the top 6 tips for staying FIT all year long:

1. Find a way to move every day: call it what you want….walking the dog, 10,000 steps, exercise class, personal training, hiking, biking, chasing after your kid, etc….They ALL count, but you have to use your body in some way every day. 7 days a week.


2. Plan ahead: life happens…it will always be someone’s birthday, or anniversary, or parent day at school, or a work function…there is always something (and because we live rich, full lives, there is usually something at least once a week). Stop thinking of these weeks as “abnormal” and embrace that they are normal – just plan for them. If it is your child’s birthday, don’t pretend you aren’t going to eat cake. EAT THE CAKE…just make sure you have had a really healthy, well balanced day up to that point. A yummy green smoothie for breakfast, 8 raw almonds for a snack, a green salad with 6 oz of salmon for lunch, an apple for a snack…and then pizza and cake for dinner. Start fresh in the morning…AKA- don’t reach for that leftover cake for breakfast. Throw it out. Bring it to work. Pack it in the kids’ lunch….do something with it other than putting it in your mouth.

3. Everything in MODERATION: this ties into what is stated above. You can eat cake, you just can’t eat a huge piece and you just can’t eat cake on Monday, and chocolate on Tuesday, and pie on Wednesday, and ice cream on Thursday….you get it. You can have a small piece of dessert….sometimes. Or pizza. Or burgers. Or alcohol. They are all possible…just not all the time, ideally not at the same time, and ideally in small portions.

4. Variety, Variety, Variety: Face it, you get bored. If I had to eat a salad with cucs, tomatoes, and plain baked chicken every day I would be reaching for that big bowl of pasta by the end of the night too. But I do love a good salad…sometimes. So think outside the box when it comes to healthy foods. Order a chicken burger (no bun) with a quinoa salad and a side of avocado. I guarantee it won’t feel like diet food, and yet it is super healthy and delicious! Or roast up veggies. Or make fish tacos…just stop thinking there are only a few things you can eat that fall into that “healthy” category. Read this blog. Read lots of blogs that post healthy recipes and healthful options for when you dine out. And switch up what you eat (and frankly how you move) all the time.


5. DO NOT DIET: or cleanse, or train for a marathon for the soul purpose of losing weight, or stop drinking if you don’t have a drinking problem and you love a glass of wine 3 days a week, or cut a food group. Basically, don’t do anything that isn’t sustainable. You want to make a lifestyle change that can be maintained for the rest of your life. As I have said many times on this blog, I could not give up bread, cheese or wine (unless there were health reasons to do so) for the rest of my life. So what good does cutting them do? The only thing you CAN cut for the rest of your life is….

6. Kick the processed foods to the curb: if you read this blog, I do not need to explain this one. If it comes in a package…be suspicious. If the ingredients list any item you have never heard of…PUT IT DOWN!

We love our FIT readers and hope these tips help. If you need a little extra assistance to get started, let us know! We are here to help.




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