A (less) sweet new year…

Happy New Year to all of my FIT readers. Yes – I aware that it is September, but if you are Jewish, you celebrated Rosh Hashana last week (or the new year). The jews ring in the new year with sweet foods (for a sweet new year) but I was pleasantly surprised to find the healthier changes at my family meal. Quinoa with carrots and raisins (for the sweet kick), a chicken dish with prunes and olives (a traditional favorite), a huge and wonderful salad with beets for a little sweet addition, and a big fruit salad with dates for dessert. The brisket and the cakes (which are generally not my favorite anyways) seemed to be an after-thought for most people at the table.

Which got me thinking about celebrating and food. Many of my clients lament how difficult it is to maintain a healthy diet because of family get-togethers, or birthday parties at school, etc. – all celebrations that are tied to unhealthy and sweet food choices. But what if a few people started to make a change? Would it catch on?

I am going to challenge our FIT readers to spearhead change. Next time you have to bring something over for a pot-luck, bring a farro salad instead of pizza or chips and dip. When you have to send your kid in with a sweet treat, make a healthful choice. You cannot control what you or your kids are surrounded by all the time, but you can control how you contribute. Here are a few suggestions:


1. “Pink” pancakes – this recipe was inspired by a client who tried it with her 3 year old successfully! If this particular recipe is a little too healthy, just add beet puree to your regular pancake mix. The kids will love the color and probably won’t be able to taste the subtle flavor difference.

2. Cinnamon Glazed Popcorn

3. Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Chop Pumpkin Muffins

Pre-packaged (good for schools and Halloween which is creeping up):

1. Fruit Leather (made with REAL fruit – not fruit juice and no added sugar)

2. Dark Chocolate Gogi Berries

3. Pure Dark Chocolate – small, pre-packaged

Join the conversation! Let’s start sharing great recipes and healthier “desserts” here!


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