Bouncing Back Post Baby!


Whether you are a mama-to-be or a new mommy, I’m sure the thought of “how to lose the baby weight” has already crossed your mind.  I always remind our mamas’ that we grow for 40 weeks during pregnancy, so set the expectations to get your belly back by the Baby’s 1st Birthday or up to two years, if you had any complications like diastasis recti, adhesions, a C-section, or delivered two babies within two years (oh, that’s me!).  I can already tell that I’m going to have to work harder to get my belly back this time around…  Since a lot of our mamas are going through similar situations, I wanted to share a few of my personal FITmama secrets to bringing your sexy back!


Prenatal Exercise.  It’s no secret that the more in shape you are during pregnancy the easier it will be to bounce back post delivery.  It is very important to work your core throughout your pregnancy so that there is muscle memory to activate those low abdominal muscles post delivery.  Now when I talk about “working the core,” I don’t mean sit-ups and crunches.  Always consult your OBGYN before exercising, and if you don’t feel comfortable exercising while pregnant then find a prenatal trainer (like the FITgals) or checkout prenatal yoga studios in your area. 

Belly Bandit.  I know it seems too good to be true, but the belly bandit works.  Most of my mamas say it’s “uncomfortable” or “too tight” but it’s worth the discomfort.  The trick is to wear the belly bandit as much as you can, because it is holding in your core muscles and engaging your low abdominals without you even thinking about it! 

Placenta Encapsulation.  This is my personal secret weapon!  The placenta is supposed to reduce fatigue, fight postpartum depression, help boost milk production, prevent blood clotting, and help with weight-loss.  For me it helped with all of the above!  If you are considering encapsulating your placenta, read more about my first experience.  Then be sure to speak with your OBGYN about your hospital policies and signing a release waiver.  If you are in the DC metro area, I highly recommend Birthing Hands.  

Kegels! Kegels!! Kegels!!! Your OBGYN may have told you to do Kegel exercises while pregnant, however, they are even more important after your delivery.  Kegel exercises help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum.  The best part about these pelvic floor exercises is that you can do them anywhere.  By strengthening your pelvic floor, you can start engaging more of your lower abdominals.  If these are new to you, read how to perform correctly! 

My philosophy about getting in shape post baby is that “mom always knows best.”  So forget about the “lose weight now” or a “get fit quick” and enjoy these precious moments with your little baby… because they grow up too fast!!

If you need help bouncing back post baby, schedule a consult with the FITgals and email




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