Soul Cycle DC!

LA taunted my move two years ago by opening a Soul Cycle studio 2 minutes from my apartment (set to open a week after we left)…

While the studio is not 2 minutes from my house, Soul Cycle has finally come to DC! I happily got my fix last week when a friend visiting from LA insisted we go (no joke…that is how much people love it. They travel to a city they haven’t been in for 20 years and pine to take a class they can take right around the corner whenever they want).

The class was everything I remembered it being. Wonderful instructor (thank you Megan!), great music, and the bikes were clean and brand new. My tush didn’t even hurt the next day (though my arms and legs were comfortably sore).

The only problem is, DC already has several studios that can rival Soul Cycle. Is it too late for them to thrive here? There’s zengo which is literally the same class right down to the weights on the bike. Then Revolve and Biker Barre – remove the weights, add a barre ball (I believe Revolve also has weights in some of the class offerings) and Sculpt DC – remove the barre and add a little yoga. All these studios offer similar classes at a much smaller price, so I am curious to see how the studio does in DC. The classes I took in LA sold out quickly while the DC class was only about 60% full. Soul Cycle DC charges $30/class and has seating for almost 60 people. So $30/class without any individualized attention…and I mean no individualized attention. I would be shocked if the instructors can see anyone given the class is conducted in the dark. At least in LA my $30 got me a potential David Beckham or Katy Perry sighting…which was arguably worth the price alone depending on who was sweating it out.

All in all, I encourage my FITfriends to check it out. There is a reason it is the most talked about studio…and it isn’t just that celebs love it. It is basically adult clubbing – without the hangover.

If you are looking for a more customized experience, schedule a session with us today! I can’t promised David Beckham…but we can at least work towards getting his ABS!




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