Yoga for all!

Yoga District is a wonderful program in DC with studios throughout the city offering classes at just $11! In the latest newsletter from Yoga District, there was a link to a beautiful short documentary entitled “Doc in a Day: Yoga Activist” about the importance of yoga (and bringing yoga to all people). We were particularly moved by the opening statements in the documentary by the founder of Yoga Activist, Jasmine Chehrazi. “Sometimes people say I can’t touch my toes…I don’t want to come to yoga class…that’s not even part of it…breathing and being at peace with yourself…that is really part of the essence of the practice…” This is a really important lesson for all of our FIT friends. No matter what “level” you are at, or how out of shape you feel, if you come to your exercise (whatever exercise) present and willing to try and learn and breath, you will succeed.


Namaste from the FITgals. May you find peace this weekend and be present to your goals.


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