FIT Vacations

We hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, and healthy fourth of July! We know from our clients, that many of you are currently on vacation, or will be taking a vacation soon, so we wanted to make sure you know how to stay FIT on that vacation!

1. Swimming: According to, a person weighing 150 pounds will burn about 414 calories during a 60-minute moderate-intensity swimming workout, and will burn about 666 calories with a vigorous workout. (Please note, the more you weigh, the more calories you burn – this will be true for every activity mentioned in this post). So get in that pool and start moving! Play with the kids, tread water, use a kick board, or do a few laps. Set a small goal and over the course of the vacation, increase that goal.

2. Hiking: Hiking is a great way to lose weight and get in shape. Whether you take daily walks in the park or are vacationing in the mountains, you will be burning calories and gaining muscle. In general, a 160-lb person burns between 430 and 440 calories per hour of hiking. Another plus of hiking, researchers found that a high exercise intensity increases your calorie burn even after your done with the activity.  A study published by the American Council for Sports Medicine in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that when you hike at a high intensity for 45 minutes, you’ll burn an additional 190 calories later in the day. Your metabolism increases with a vigorous hike and the extra calorie burn lasts for an average of 14.2 hours of after your done, and it can continue through the first 3.5 hours of sleep.

3. Take a class: Vacations are great for class. Not only do you have the time, you are not as restricted with time. (If you miss the 8 am, take the 9:30 am). FITintheCITY LOVED her yoga class while on vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. The two hour class in her normal day would give her anxiety, but on vacation was a real treat! Resorts tend to offer wonderful options, but if you are staying in a beach town, find a local class. If you are renting a house with friends, look into hiring a personal trainer or yoga instructor to come to the house a few times over the course of the vacation for a private class with friends. Maybe the kids (or spouses) will even participate!

4. Biking: Staying near the beach but not walking distance? Bike! Bicycling is one of the best exercises you can do if you want to burn as many calories as possible. Bicycling more than 20 mph is tied for first with running among 150 exercises assessed by the Harvard Heart Letter in its July 2004 publication and tied for third among approximately 175 exercises assessed by the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Health and Family Services. In their book “The Well Adult,” Dr. Mike Samuels and Nancy Samuels analyze only 25 exercises, but bicycling ranks second behind running. Plus, many exercise experts favor bicycling over running because it “is less traumatic to the joints than running,” according to well-known exercise expert Dr. Kenneth Cooper in his book “Controlling Cholesterol.” Bicycling 14 to 15.9 mph is considered a “vigorous effort” by the Wisconsin Department of Health. More vigorous efforts spur greater calorie losses by increasing your heart rate and the amount of fuel your body burns, according to “Swim, Bike, Run.” (About 47 calories per mile if you’re 155 pounds). Bicycling 12 to 13.9 mph is a “moderate effort,” according to the Wisconsin Department of Health, and you can burn approximately 43 calories per mile if you’re 155 pounds. Bicycling 10 to 11.9 mph is regarded as a “light effort” by the Wisconsin Department of Health – but is still a great calorie burner at about 38 calories per mile if you’re 155 pounds! Moral of the story? Start biking!

5. Sports: Paddle boarding, boating (kayaking or canoeing – sorry no points for calorie burning on a motor boat!), volleyball, mini golf, surfing, jet skiing, wake boarding…the list goes on and on. The paddle sports will really help to sculpt your arms, and are great as a CORE workout! (Just as an example, check out how many calories you can burn from paddle boarding!!)

As you can see, vacations are a wonderful time to get moving, so put down that extra beer and burger, and slip on those sneakers! Even if none of my suggestion will work on your vacation, you can use our blog for great 10 to 60 minute exercises that can be done in-home and with little to no equipment. So make the time for yourself this summer!


The FITgals


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