Farm Fresh Inspiration

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending a few days in upstate New York (near the Berkshires) at my uncle’s lake house.  Copake1


The scenic setting and plethora of activities from swimming to paddle boarding, hiking to biking make this the perfect weekend getaway for a FIT gal.


It was also a great opportunity for a weekend of fun for the dogs.

Copake3Perhaps the best perk? There are miles and miles of farmland in Upstate New York and my uncle generously let us pick up his CSA from Herondale Farms. Inspired by the dairy and meat farms, and my CSA pick up of fresh produce and eggs, Tom and I were able to eat entirely local the whole weekend!

The thing is, it is possible to do this in DC as well. In addition to the many farmer’s markets throughout the district, there are tons of wonderful CSA programs in the DC area. Here are a few stand outs:

1. Earth Spring CSA

2. The Farm Bus

3. From the Farmer DC

Do you have a favorite CSA or trick for eating local? What about a favorite weekend getaway?




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