FITintheCity Investigates: False News Reports

I recently saw a post on facebook that was being shared by many entitled: “Big Hospital Finally Telling the Truth About Cancer, Johns Hopkins”. Some facebook users were claiming the study supported a vegan diet. Always curious about nutrition finds, I clicked on the link to see what the new study said. I was immediately turned off when I saw the site of the article was not from Johns Hopkins website, or a science journal, or even The New York Times. Alas, if you followed the link in this post, you will see that this scientific study was released by a blog devoted to “Health and Freedom News”.

This being a blog (and we FITgals do our fair share of re-blogging, reporting on various finds, etc.) I gave this blog the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they were just sharing the studies’ findings in a more reader friendly way? (After all, have any of my fellow FIT friends ever tried to read a scientific study. Decoding is definitely necessary.) Sadly, when I googled “cancer information from johns hopkins” the FIRST thing that popped up was a link to with the title “Cancer Update Email – It’s a Hoax”. I encourage you to read this post because John Hopkins does not only say it is a hoax, but goes the further step of responding to the claims in the hoax article with true information.

So why am I telling you about a false study that supports eating a vegan diet? Because false information about diet and exercise is EVERYWHERE! Seriously…depending on the “study” you read dairy can kill you tomorrow or be the needed cure for osteoporosis. High protein and no to low carbs is either the only way to eat if you want to lose weight, or a dangerous way to eat for your long term health. Facts – real facts (not anecdotal stories) are hard to find when it comes to your health.

The moral of the story is consult with a licensed doctor or nutritionist when it comes to health related questions. Furthermore, do your due diligence. Investigate things you read…especially on the internet. Trust reputable news sources (like The New York Times or The Washington Post) and don’t trust blogs…except in our case 🙂

Please join the conversation. Were you fooled by this Johns Hopkins hoax? What are other health “studies” you have been fooled by?

Have a happy and safe weekend!





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