Surviving a Weekend of Debauchery

FITgals are allowed to have fun. There I said it! You do not have to be a raw food eating, only water drinking, exercise fiend to stay slim and healthy.

A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful and celebratory weekend of eating, drinking, and movie watching to support my amazing producer friend’s films at the Tribeca Film Festival. (Do yourself a favor and check out Glass Chin and Alex of Venice.) The key to surviving a weekend like this (and you can fill in any celebratory event – vacation, bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary, etc.) is to balance the overindulging with some healthy choices.

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Here are my top tips:

1. Pick your poison: Had fries with dinner? Great! Pass on the brunch potatoes and ask for mixed greens with dressing on the side instead.

2. Move as much as possible: I was in NYC so I walked almost everywhere. Even when I knew I would have to take the subway or a cab, I walked as far as I could before I hopped on (or in). Dance if there is dancing available. Try to fit in a morning stroll or run. Just move. (It will help with the hangover too – I swear!)

3. Pass on Sugary Drinks: Mojitos and Margaritas as PACKED with calories and sugar. Stick to light beers, red wine, or plain liquor (scotch on the rocks, vodka/gin soda, etc.)

4. You don’t NEED breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack: Went for the eggs benedict with duck fat potatoes and a side of bacon with 3 mimosas for brunch? Ok…you probably don’t need lunch then. If you get a little peckish before dinner, reach for a healthy snack like raw nuts, a green juice, greek yogurt, or plain veggies or fruits. Then have dinner.

5. Drink WATER. TONS. Seriously….TONS! Sometimes when you feel hungry, you are thirsty. Also, sometimes you drink more alcohol then planned because you want something to sip on. Try to go 1:1. 1 alcoholic drink, 1 water or sparking water. You will thank me in the morning too…

Have fun and stay healthy!


FITintheCITY…just a different city

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