FITmama: Secrets to Staying FIT with a Toddler

As a mom with a toddler, I understand that it can be hard to make fitness a priority when you are balancing multiple roles– as a parent, worker, spouse, volunteer, household CEO, etc… I know that staying FIT is hard and honestly takes a village, so I wanted to share my top secrets to staying in shape with young kids.


  • YOGA!  One of my favorite forms of exercise is yoga.  I love to practice alone, but I enjoyed teaching mommy & me classes for years.  It is a great way to burn calories, connect with your kids, and teach them about the importance of building strong muscles and bones, improving their motor coordination, increasing flexibility, and building greater self-esteem and love for others!  Checkout these DC studios for family friendly yoga: lil omm, circle yoga, willow street
  • Take a Walk/Run!  Either go by yourself or bring your kids along.  I’m constantly changing up my walks and runs with my son, so it keeps him interested too!!  Sometimes I put him in his wagon or we go for a ride with the jogging stroller.  Other times, I make my 2 year old walk and add lunges, jumping jacks, or even running in place every few minutes to make myself work harder!!
  • Have FUN!! I’m a dancer at heart, so we love to turn on the music and boogie down.  We have lots of laughs and enjoy dancing like crazy for 20mins.  I try to incorporate stretching to cool down along with some push-ups & planks, and then see if he can try another interval!!  
  • Make a game out of household chores!  My son is currently obsessed with cleaning.  He loves the vacuum, broom, swiffer, mop, duster, toilet brush, sponges, etc… The game is to see how fast we can finish sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the house.  Not only do I have a little helper, but we burn a significant amount of calories while completing the household chores.  It’s all about multi-tasking!
  • Play Outside!  My son loves the outdoors.  Sometimes we play tag, run in the backyard, attempt to play soccer, or practice our golf swing with the mini wiffle balls.  I also incorporate gardening and watering the plants, which research shows it is as good as weight training when it comes to osteoporosis. 



If you are a busy mom looking for that extra motivation, or just a plan to get started checkout our training services or email me at to kickstart your workouts today!!





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