FITbody: 4 x 4 workout

Stuck in a rut at the gym? The FITgals are here to help. Use this simple exercise program to amp up your gym routine!

Warm-Up: (5-10 minutes) cardio machine of choice. Then follow the following 4 steps:

1. 4 minute sprint: preferably on the treadmill, stair master, or Jacob’s Ladder, but a bike or elliptical work as well. Just make sure you are moving at a sprint pace.

2. Hop off of the treadmill, and do 1 minute of jumping squats









3. 1 minute of push-ups









4. 1 minute plank







Repeat 4 times!!!

Still feeling uninspired? Schedule a session with a trainer to reinvigorate your workout!

Happy sweating!!


The FITgals


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