FITbody: Tracy Anderson on GOOP


Photo credit: Brian Bowen Smith

I know, I know….Gwyneth Paltrow is everyone’s favorite person to hate right now. But, the fact of the matter is, her lifestyle blog, GOOP offers readers some wonderful recipes and links to some great exercise resources for FREE! While a lot of her suggestions are outlandish and some of the criticism for GOOP is valid, I encourage you to sort through the ridiculous suggestions (like a set of 3 metro bangles for $3,250!!) to find the recipes gems like Pan Steamed Chicken and Broccoli.


Photo credit:

Another gem is a 15 minute workout that Tracy Anderson created for GOOP readers. We have sent it to a lot of clients to use when they travel because it is quick, efficient, relatively easy to follow (which is not true of a lot of her exercises) and fun! Try this VIDEO and let us know what you think.


(p.s. If it makes you feel any better…Gwyneth is not perfect either. As our team was putting together the links for this post, we noticed broccoli is spelled wrong in the link…so, everyone makes mistakes.)





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