FITbody: corepower yoga!


Run, don’t walk, to your nearest corepower yoga studio in DC. There are three in the DC metro area– Bethesda, Glover Park, and Georgetown. They will give you a FREE week and all of the classes are pretty awesome. I tend to be verbose, but there is honestly not much I need to say other than you should try it. Clean studios. Professional, well trained instructors. Class times all day every day. A nice mix of fundamental to advanced yoga and weight and boot-camp –like classes. And, best of all, they are pretty reasonably priced (compared to some of the other studios around town). I loved going there in LA and was so excited when they opened in DC. Only warning: most of the classes are conducted in warmed rooms. They are not kept as hot as a traditional “hot-yoga” class, but most are kept very warm. Because of this, you will sweat….a lot.

Sign up for your free week and start sweating… for REAL! Checkout my t-shirt!





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