FITbody: Kelly Ripa arm workout

Moderation is important in your exercise regimen for many reasons. For injury prevention, easing into a new routine is really important. Don’t push too hard too soon. Furthermore, a moderate amount of time may be all you need to change your body. Many clients complain of not being able to fit in a whole hour 5 days a week. So don’t! Just 15 minutes can change your body.

Here is a FIT-Approved video from Kelly Ripa’s trainer Anna Kaiser.


Obviously, Ms. Ripa gets to work with her trainer one on one (which is definitely a large part of her success). Training is available to you as well though! Look at for information on bringing the FIT Gals into your home for a private or group session. For now, try this 10-minute arm workout from her wonderful trainer, Anna Kaiser.




One thought on “FITbody: Kelly Ripa arm workout

  1. Reblogged this on fit4lifegirls and commented:
    Reblog: Kelly Ripa arm workout

    Love this short post on how to workout your arms Kelly Ripa style! It includes a video from Kelly Ripa’s personal trainer, and a few paragraphs on how to properly train your arms, courtesy of Fitlife! Check it out!!:)

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