FITstudent: From couch to 1/2 Marathon Training Schedule

On days like today, it is hard to imagine working out outside but easy to imagine cozying up in front of the television. But don’t let snow, rain, or cold weather keep you from following your workout routine. Staying on a routine can transform you from a couch potato to a half- marathon runner in a short amount of time. Even when you don’t feel like running outside, make sure you continue to accomplish your goals by working out inside. On days like today I usually end up on the treadmill. Because long runs (and sometimes even short runs), can be extremely boring on a treadmill, I wanted to share two of my favorite workouts with you to help you get the same distance workout in a creative way.

No matter how difficult they are, alternating between a high and low incline can extremely improve your distance time. on days when I am stuck on the treadmill I often like to do a 5 on 5 off routine. while doing a hill workout I like to put my pace at a speed that is .5 lower than my target goal. for example if my target goal is 8.0 or (7:30 mph) I will set it at 7.5 for a hills workout. If I am doing a 30 minute workout I will break it into 6 sections and every 5 minutes increase my incline for 5 minutes. Not only does this build strength for distance runs, but it also helps to break your workout into sections to make it more exciting.

Sprints/ Fast Run
Sprinting on a treadmill isn’t easy but running above your target speed is an amazing way to improve your endurance. For a treadmill sprinting workout I like to go .8 to 1.0 above my target goal. For example if my target speed is 7.0 on a treadmill I will increase to 7.8 or 8.0 for a sprinting workout. Alternating between high and low intensity is perfect for a sprinting treadmill workout. Make sure to only sprint/ run fast on a treadmill for short periods of time. Here is my recommend sprinting workout.
1 – 5: Warm up; aim for a speed between 3.5 and 4.2 mph
6 – 8: Jog; roughly 5.5 to 6.5 mph
8 – 9: Sprint; push yourself to run at the max of your comfortable speed while adding .8 or 1.00 to that speed
9 – 11: Jog; slow back down to a jog to recover for next sprinting interval
11 – 12: Sprint
12 – 14: Jog
14 – 15: Sprint
15 – 17: Jog
17 – 18: Sprint
18 – 20: Jog
20 – 21: Sprint
21 – 23: Jog
23 – 24: Sprint
24 – 25: Jog
25 – 30: Cool down; return to comfortable walking pace

These treadmill workouts are a great way to break up your running routine when it is too cold to be outside. Try alternating between workouts and make sure to stick to your long term goals so you can transform your body.


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