Marathon Monday: FIT to RUN

I love eating and I love running… but I was not so sure about putting the two together. A few weeks ago my saturday running partner suggested that I try an energy gel halfway through my long run to give me the extra push to make it past the finish line. At first, I was skeptical. I had heard rumors about gels and power shots from my other running friends but this was when my focus was mainly on shorter runs and I didn’t consider gels as a necessary tool to keep in my toolkit. Because of my lack of knowledge, I decided to do some research to figure out what these Gel packets were all about.

My findings not only made me excited to go gel shopping but also made me realize how little I knew about running and bodily needs. The most informative source I found came from The Competitor, an online source for runners. The extensive article explained that your body needs some type of carbohydrate about 45-60 minutes into your run. It explained the positive and negatives about gels. The positives heavily outweighted the negatives, so I went out and bought myself a gel packet!


The results?

Well I won’t lie, these aren’t exactly something that I will see myself craving because they tasted so delicious, but I was amazed at how much they improved my stamina, and energy level. I took the gel halfway through a 2 hour run and I was so surprised by how awake I felt after taking it. When on long runs it is easy to hit the infamous ‘wall’ but these little gels really served as the bulldozer to break it down. There are so many differnt flavors to choose from and so many different brands but this is definitely my favorite thus far!

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.26.28 AM

Gotta run!

until next time,

xo xo



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