FITworkout: Endorphin Rush

Though Valentines Day has shortly passed, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop feeling the love and positivity. With the winter blues in full affect, our bodies tend to feel unmotivated and a lack of energy.  The good news is that exercise can act as a powerful antidote of your own super powerful endorphins. One of the easiest ways to get your body to release large amounts of feel good endorphins is to engage in interval exercise as well as some yummy energy boosting veggie juice…  and sunshine!!



Try our quick 5 min workout tips

Wanna coffee? Grab a juice!

Try our local favorite —Gouter










Need an extra energy boost? Try a 5 minute mini jumping routine!

Stuck in a winter rut?  Try a 5 minute mini leg workout!

  • 1 min squat
  • 1 min right leg lunge
  • 1 min left leg lunge
  • 1 min plié
  • 1 min step-ups off chair or step






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