FITworkout LOVE your body!

Happy V-Day!!  With all the love in the air, the FITgals wanted to share some EXTRA exercises to keep you motivated and inspired through the snow!  So whether you are snowed in with the kiddos, or looking forward to a romantic dinner for two tonight, checkout our FITapproved exercises to get toned up in those targeted areas (butt, legs, thighs, arms, & abs)!

FITworkout: In-home or on-the-go 20 min total body workout with 5-lbs! 

Runner’s Lunge to Balance (or HOP!)= 15x leg

-Start in a Runner’s Lunge and then engage the core to pull your back leg to a balanced high knee and then repeat same leg back down to a runner’s lunge.  Advanced– add a 1-legged hop to your balance! 












Warrior 3 with Rows= 15x each leg

-Start in a Warrior 3 yoga pose (stand on one leg with the hips straight and the opposite leg extended and holding behind you) and balance while rowing your arms 15x for each leg. 












Plank to Tricep Push-up= 15x

-Start in a plank pose with wrists aligned with your shoulders and abs engaged (no arching in the back) and slightly lean forward and bring your elbows close to your body while engaging your triceps and then push back-up to plank (for my yogis it’s a chaturanga)! 












Scissor Kick Abs= 20x 

-Start with one leg elevated and the opposite leg hovering off the ground and then twist towards the lifted leg and then switch by kicking the legs back and forth and twisting the upper body to follow. 












Boat Pose Twists= 15x

– Start in a Boat Pose (legs up in a seated position) and twist to one side then come back center and “sink the boat” so that your back is on the floor, abs are engaged, head is up, and legs are off the ground and then repeat with a twist to the alternate side!












For EXTRA love REPEAT 2-3 times!!  Let us know how you liked it!!

Share the LOVE!!

Xx FITmama


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