Marathon Monday

Need some FITmotivation?!

Training for a long term goal takes time and commitment. I have also found that more than anything, it takes motivation. My dad always tells me that “the difference between the do-er and the didn’t-er is that the do-er did it.” This tongue twister seems intuitive; if you want to do something… just do it. However, for some reason, while training for the Nike Half Marathon only a few short months away, I have found myself unmotivated to work for the goals I want so badly for myself.

I have made my training packet, planned meticulously, scheduled time into my day for workouts but when it comes down to doing it, I find myself unenthusiastic for my workouts. It’s normal to hit a few slumps, especially while getting ready for long term goals like training for a big race. Lately, my favorite way to beat the negative attitudes has been to watch short motivational clips. These clips really get me fired up and excited about my workouts so I am on track for my race in April.

This is my favorite motivational clip so far.

Stay motivated!


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