FITmama’s Motivation Monday

My Motivation Mantra this week is to — BE PRESENT! 

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Sheryl Sandberg.  I am in awe of her accomplishments, but at the same time humbeled by her authentic nature to “SIT AT THE TABLE” and talk to a group of my peers.  What I’m most inspired and motivated to share is that we all can make a difference and change the world… one voice at a time.  We choose our paths by each tiny step we take, such as:


Read more about how Melissa LEANS IN!!

Raising our hand in class

Offering to lead a project at work

Staying home with our kids

Building a business you love

Starting a PTA committee

Organizing a school fundraiser

Teaching our children 

and Being kind to ourselves!! 


My takeaway as a wife, mother, and business owner is to “SIT AT THE TABLE” and BE PRESENT! I coach clients daily about “showing up” to their workouts, yoga mat, and or spin class.  More importantly, I emphasize taking personal responsibility of your daily choices whether it be healthy eating, stress management, preventive stretching, proper hydration, etc… The bottom line is that we all make excuses, I know I do!! My excuses are generally, “too tired and too busy.” However, our small daily choices make a difference that can yield great change.  Maybe it’s committing to changing your diet (drinking more water vs. soda, cutting out processed foods) or waking up for that 5:30am workout (instead of hitting the snooze button), or participating in a project at work or school, whatever the decision choose to “show up” and “be present” so that it counts and you start to see results!!  Whether it’s your fitness level or personal potential, remember “you reap what you sow!”


This week my Motivation Mantra is to BE PRESENT!  No more multi-tasking, and instead I’m going to slow down, focus, listen, and BE PRESENT for my family, my son, my career, and my happiness!!!



How will you “SIT AT THE TABLE?”  Share your thoughts with us! 


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