FITintheCITY gets her Mojo Back!

This Fall is all about finding your FIT!

I know it has been a LONG time since my last post, and I apologize. How was your summer my FITfriends? Mine was incredible; and not in the traditional beach trips and happy hour kind of way, but because I was able to spend the whole summer doing what I love: theatre! Before I get back to my usual posts about new FALL workouts and pumpkin season (HORRAY!), I wanted to devote some time to talking about your inner self and feeling fulfilled and inspired.

As I have mentioned before, in addition to being a fitness and nutrition enthusiast and FITtrition personal trainer, I am also an actor. When I first moved to Washington, DC I was feeling pretty depressed. It was not that I worked as an actor all of the time in Los Angeles, but I realized quickly after moving that I was constantly doing something to fulfill my actor self. Whether I was involved in a reading, or went to a screening of a friend’s film, each week had reminders that I was actually an actor, in a supportive and creative community. I missed that and was unsure of how to fill that need in a new town.


While it took a while, I eventually got cast in my first show by Joe Waechter called “Lake Untersee” at The Source Theatre Festival. It is funny how your entire demeanor can change when you are doing something you love. From the first day of rehearsal, I felt this overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness take over. Maybe it was because the character I was playing was an artist who was very in touch with the idea of inner chi…or, maybe it was because I had found my “tribe” again. Creative types who, like me, could spend hours dissecting the reason a line is where it is or talk about character motivation well after rehearsal has actually ended. I played, I bonded, I felt inspired, and I (almost) didn’t mind getting 5 hours of sleep!

Just as the show was winding down, and anxiety was setting in, I got to work on the second show called “Neverwhere” by the very famous writer Neil Gaiman. In this show, I got to work with a dialect coach (I had never actually been in a show where I got to use a British accent before), fight choreographer, and play a plethora of different characters.  In the end, it was 2 and ½ months of pure sleepiness and bliss.


So what does this have to do with you, you ask? Everything! We each have something we love to do that gets pushed aside to make room for everyday life and obligations. I would like to encourage you to find a way to FIT it back in. For me, if I am not going to be in a show, I need to get these actor/playwright/director friends I now have in my life together and read a play out loud. I need to get to the theatre at least once a month. I need to find a way to keep my actor life alive even when my week looks more like the life of a personal trainer.  While I am still mourning the loss of my summer of acting, I am looking forward to re-focusing on the blog, my business, and having time to actually grab that drink with friends!



Where do you find inner peace? What can you do to carve out time for you?


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