FITgal profile: Say hello to FITintheCITY!

FITintheCITY Liz Osborn dishes out what it takes to be a FITgal and still have fun!

Liz 1

So pull up a chair and learn how FITintheCITY stays slim while dining out and exploring DC.

On being a FITgal… 

When asked what it means to be a FITgal, FITintheCITY said, “it’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle without losing your ability to have fun.  You really should be able to have your cake and eat it to…as long as you run before or after and balance it out with a veggie juice.  I am only half kidding…because being a FITgal is really about mastering balance and moderation.”

On being a FITwife… 

FITintheCITY’s favorite thing about marriage is “the comfort of being with someone for so long.  There is no hiding who you are.  We know each other better than anyone.  One thing I specifically love about my husband is that he has continued to inspire and surprise me.  There is never a dull moment because he is always challenging himself to be a better person.”

On staying FITintheCITY… 

When asked about favorite FITplaces in DC, Liz mentions the “Capital Crescent Trail.  It is beautiful and quiet and you forget you are in the city.  I also love the E Street Landmark Theatre. It reminds me of being back in Los Angeles because they show films with smaller distributions. They also have a full bar and a much more extensive food menu. It really turns out to be a great date night.”

She went on to say, another favorite FITplace is “taking the dogs to the National Mall and walking around the monuments and the reflector pool.  It is such a quintessential DC thing and very unique to the city.”

 Liz 2

FITintheCITY’s favorites…

Comfort Food

Pizza. Specifically my mother in laws, my husband’s, or Lucali’s (in Brooklyn).

DC Restaurant

Mintwood Place

Favorite Thing to do in DC

I love Eastern Market. That whole Capitol Hill area has so many fun restaurants and shops. Definitely one of my favorites parts of DC.

Girls’ Night Out

Ideally, there would be dancing involved.  That can be hard to find since I am a little old for hitting the clubs, so probably a good friend (or two…), a good meal, and a great bottle of wine.

Favorite Fitness Apparel

Lululemon.  But Target has great, inexpensive work out gear as well.

Favorite Grocery Store

Whole Foods. Farmer’s Markets.

Favorite Quote

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” – Dr. Seuss

Do you have any questions for FITintheCITY? Ask her in the comments!! 


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