FITmama transitions to FALL

Transitioning to Fall can be tough. Shorter days, normal (aka stressful) regimented schedule, and few vacation days to take for the rest of the year.

Hiking in Portugal

Here is my attitude: So summer is officially coming to an end…Great!  It’s not that I didn’t have an awesome summer – I did. There were lots of days in the sun, outdoor workouts, veggie juices, trips to the beach, and I even got to Europe for 2 weeks to introduce Jack to the rest of my extended family. But my summer was exhausting.  I’m still waiting for a vacation from my vacation.  I am ready to slow down and get back to my organized fall schedule.  How many of you forgot about those pesky goals you set back in January this summer while the margarita’s were free flowing?  It happens to the best of us, which is why I love fall.  It is an opportunity to slow down and start fresh; re-focus on new (and old!) goals for the rest of the year.

If only slowing down was as easy as writing it was!  I already feel like September is off to a sprint…I hear it from friends, family, clients, and readers: you wake up feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the day.  Make lunches, carpool, work, exercise, socialize, spend time with your spouse, spend quality time with your children and family, etc… and try to make a healthy balanced dinner all while doing laundry, cleaning the house, and answering emails. By the end of the day, of course we are all exhausted… I know I am!  I can’t wait for my glass of wine (I know no carbs at night… but it’s all in moderation).

But, just like I tell my clients, it is important to identify what you want to work on before you are able to actually work on it.

So here are my FIT-FALL challenges:

– enjoy my son in the moment and try not to anticipate the next milestone

– enjoy my work now and not stress over the 3 year plan

– enjoy little moments with friends instead of feeling like I need a whole weekend away

– enjoy family dinners instead of rushing to prepare something impressive and decadent and then rushing to clean as though it all happened without a single dirty bowl or spill.

– enjoy time alone: to think, to read, to write, to be creative

– enjoy life because it goes too fast

In order to accomplish these things, I need to physically and mentally slow down: breathe, listen, and think instead of just “doing” and “going”.  It’s been about a week of simply repeating this mantra to myself every couple of hours and, honestly, I feel more relaxed and grounded.

Now the challenge is maintaining it, right?!

In the meantime, I’ve created a slow workout routine for you to try when you need to squeeze in a total body workout with little time or no time to hit the gym. Enjoy it!!




Try holding each exercise for 1 minute and you will feel the burn! Remember to slow down your breath and melt into each position.

CORE: 5 mins

1. Hold Plank

2. Hold 1-leg down dog (right and left)

3. Hold Side Plank

4. Reverse Plank

CIRCUIT: 12 mins total 

1. Hold Runner’s lunge (with right leg forward)

2. Hold Cresent lunge

3. Hold Warrior 3 (standing on right)

4. Hold Standing split (still standing on right)

5. Hold Plank 

6. Hold Tricep push-up (adjust to your knees if you feel anything in the back)

 (Repeat Circuit on left side)

STRETCH: 3 mins

1. Hold a Hip flexor stretch (like pigeon on each leg)

2. Hold Butterfly (with soles of feet together and lean forward)

Total- 20 mins 


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