FITfamily Lake Vacation

Here’s what happens in my head:

I will take my family out of the hustle and bustle of DC to the cool, calm lakeside beauty of the northeast Pennsylvania mountains. We will eat fresh foods and soak up some (SPF-protected) Vitamin D, breathe fresh air and exercise. We will be healthy and blissfully happy.

Here’s what ACTUALLY happens:

Stocking up on groceries, I give in to the pleas for sugar cereal, donuts and high fructose juice boxes. My well-intentioned exercise regimen is too easily replaced by the inviting chaise lounge and People magazine. My kids and their cousins are in hog-heaven with the lack of structure… until they’re not, and everyone implodes. That’s when the “liquid calories” start to beckon.

I will not lie and tell you that this summer’s lake vacation overcame all of the inevitable from Scenario #2 (aka: the fail) and magically achieved Scenario #1 (aka: the win). But perhaps we found some better balance between the two…

We compensated for regular trips to the ice cream stand with daily kayaking.


We battled frantic, cousin-overload spin outs with some zen family waterside yoga,

Zen Family

and endless games of fetch.


I traded in the chaise lounge for my annual reminder of the muscles I haven’t used in a year. (It’s still worth it, despite the stiffness that ensues for days.)

Water Skiing

Somehow it doesn’t hurt 5-year-old muscles in the least…

5 yr old Water Skiing

And… I balanced my liquid calories with some that are a little less “empty.”

Liquid Calories

I’ve finally learned that vacations will never play out like they do in my head. But with a little balance and some self-forgiveness, they can still make for some pretty “fit” memories.