FITintheCITY on the Potomac!

The FITgals love to Paddle Board on the Potomac!

The FITgals love to Paddle Board for a fun CORE workout!

It’s official – Tom and I are the proud parents of a brand new paddle board. Technically it is his…and technically, I am just fine with that seeing as it is about 4 times my size and I cannot imagine handling it on my own.  Our second bedroom is quickly becoming a garage since his two surf boards and paddle board and paddle now live there. (You have been warned potential guests…)

Seeing as paddle boarding was on my Spring checklist (I know it is summer, but I got busy!!), owning a paddle board made this a very easy task to check off. He has been about 25 times, and I have been twice. But both times were fantastic!  I highly recommend it.

Now I know most of my FITfriends do not own paddle boards (yet…), and that is ok. There are plenty of places to rent one in the area.

My first outing was with FITmama so we went to the Potomac and launched from Georgetown. We rented the boards from Key Bridge Boat House I called in advance because my husband had been thwarted by a strong current twice during the week, but they said they were open and ready for us to go! Turns out – the current was still a little strong for us. So, while we didn’t see too much of the Potomac, we did get a fantastic CORE workout just fighting the current. And it was a beautiful day. And it was fun. And we got to chat the whole time. And we were outside!!!


My next outing was in Annapolis and it was fantastic. The Chesapeake really moves compared to the still Potomac, so I felt like I was “surfing” a little bit more. Every time a speed boat went by, a little series of waves would come to challenge my balance. This time, Tom and I just shared his board (meaning we took turns – not went tandem on the one board…although that would be hilarious if we didn’t sink), but you could rent from Paddle or Pedal at the location we launched from.

I look forward to a summer of paddle boarding. We are heading to NJ for 4th of July weekend and will attempt to take on traffic and hit the beach with our various boards in tow. I hope to tackle the ocean and will report back soon!!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all find something fun, challenging and FITfriendly this holiday weekend.




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