FITgal Profiles: Say hello to FITmama!

FITmama Melissa Farley is not only a mama and a FITgal, she’s also the founder of FITtrition! And since it’s Mother’s Day week, we’re kicking off our FITgal Profiles series with the one and only FITmama!

So pull up a chair, and get to know the FITgal that started it all…

On Motherhood
When asked about what it’s like to be a mother, FITmama said, “The most surprising thing I’ve learned from motherhood is to trust myself and not to second guess or feel the need to justify my motherly instinct. Nobody knows my baby as well as I do… after all we did share my body for over nine months together!”

Copyright Rebecca Emily Drobis

She went onto say, “Seeing the world through my child’s eyes is my favorite thing. Everything is new and beautiful.” She also says that being a mother has helped her to enjoy truly “being in the moment.”

And in case you’re wondering, Jack’s favorite food is “definitely” avocado!

FITtrition and being a FITgal
FITtrition is defined by FITmama as a holistic approach to a total body makeover to look good, feel good, and do good through fitness and nutrition. In her words, FITmama started FITtrition because, “there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to health. We are all unique and come from different backgrounds that influence our well-being and lifestyle.”

She also loves her fellow FITgals. “I get to spend most of my days with a team of exceptional ladies that I love. They inspire me to do more!”

FITmama’s favorites…

Vacation Spot

Comfort Food
Dark chocolate

DC Restaurant

Grocery Store
Whole Foods and Glen’s Garden Market (2001 S St NW)

Favorite Color

Favorite Wine
Catena Malbec is always a good staple in our house!

Favorite Fitness Apparel Brands
lululemon athletica and Nike

Favorite Last Purchase
Mint Skinny Jeans from ZARA (of course!)

Favorite Quote
“Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always.” -Dante Alighieri


Nights out with FITmama
“A night out with me usually involves a celebratory drink, good food, good music, maybe dancing, always high heels, and most likely something on the house!”

Do you have any questions for FITmama? Ask her in the comments!


2 thoughts on “FITgal Profiles: Say hello to FITmama!

  1. Congrats Melissa! Jack is adorable and I really enjoy following along with your amazing work via FB. I was wondering if you’d consider commenting on (or perhaps doing a full post about) nutrition while breast feeding. I feel like there’s a lot of conflicting info out there about caloric and macronutrients needs–for example, I had one lactation consultant tell me it would “definitely” cause a drop in supply if I reduced carbohydrates by following a Paleo-style plan, while other sites I’ve read have said just the opposite. I’ve also had trouble sorting out just how much of a caloric deficit is advisable in trying to meet baby’s needs while losing baby weight. Do you have any thoughts from your research and experience?

    • Hi Jacqui! Thank you for your message and following along with my journey through motherhood and the FITlife! Congrats to you too 🙂 I’d be happy to do a post on nutrition while breastfeeding. I agree there is a lot of mixed info on what you should or should not be eating… but I know that you definitely NEED protein to keep your milk supply up! A great tip for calculating your daily calories while nursing is to multiple your current weight by 15, and then add 500. Stay tuned for a nursing and nutrition post!

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