Nike Half Marathon: Running for Tiffany’s!

This past weekend I ran the inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon here in DC. And it turned out to be the ultimate FITgal race!


Because after you finished your 13.1 miles you are greeted by a man in a tuxedo handing out a beautiful Tiffany’s blue box! You read that correctly – instead of receiving a medal you were awarded a gorgeous NIKE’s Women’s Half necklace!


This race had only ever been held in San Francisco, and I feel so blessed to be one of the first to experience it in DC.

But before I dive into the details of the race, I want to take a step back. You see, the fun of this event was not just limited to the race. There was also an expo that was geared towards women – with perks like BareMinerals make-up, Victorias Secret Bra Fittings, and so on.  The expo was on the Georgetown Waterfront, and after you collected all the goodies from the expo you could walk up to the Nike Store on M Street to buy your NIKE Women’s Half Race Gear!

I also loved how you could see the names of everyone who was racing on the wall as you walked up to the store. It was such a wonderful way to recognize all of the runners.

we run 1

The race itself, was great. It was very well organized, and we had gorgeous weather!

One of my favorite parts of the race was running through the 14th Street tunnel because they had drummers playing inside the tunnel. You could feel the beat they were playing vibrating through the ground, off the walls, and everyone just started cheering! It was toward the beginning and the end of the race so it was a great way to start and finish it!

Then, towards the end of the race NIKE had put up motivational signs along the way…

I run because I am empowered, inspired, strong etc.

Reason #1 for running:  beats traffic, me time, skinny jeans etc.

It was great motivation for all female runners on the course.


The best part, however, came at the end!

Nothing beats running 13.1 miles, only to be greeted with that flash of signature Tiffany blue. I was greeted by a handsome man in a tuxedo with a Tiffany’s box, finished with a beautiful white bow. Inside was the necklace I earned. It was incredibly satisfying.

Apparently each race is going to have a unique, custom necklace, so hopefully I’ll be back in the race next year!

we run 2

In short, it is a race that I would HIGHLY suggest for any FITgal to sign up for. It was so fun, inspiring, and empowering to be surrounded by women who respect and love their bodies. Thank you, Nike!

What is the best race you’ve ever run? What are your racing goals? Share with us in the comments! 




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