Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market

We’re kicking off our series on local DC farmer’s market with the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market! Are there better ways to spend a Sunday morning than heading out in some beautiful spring weather and stocking up on fresh goodies at a farmer’s market? Well, maybe there are a few things that can top that, but the list is pretty short in my opinion.

tomatoes cucumbers

Here’s the thing – I live very close to Eastern Market, so I don’t usually make it up to Dupont. That said, I am happy to report that the trip was completely worth it. So if you’re far away like me, trust me when I say it’s worth the extra travel.

I headed up there with a friend on a bright, sunny morning to see what it was all about. This farmer’s market is bustling and I got the feeling that people from all over DC, not just the surrounding neighborhood, stop by. The thing that is great about the Dupont Farmer’s Market is that everything is local. Even in the winter months, the farmer’s market is still alive and kicking. They just don’t have very much produce available, because everything is 100% locally grown. Not every market is like this and it’s really refreshing to see!

dupont market

Another thing that is great about this particular farmer’s market is the variety of different vendors. Of course, you’ll find things like tomatoes and apples at almost every tent, but there are also vendors who sell homemade soups, fresh herbs, beautiful flowers, empanadas, and deliciously creamy goat cheese. I sampled some from FireFly Farms, which hails from Accident, MD. Highly recommended!

This one can definitely get crowded and after walking around I was totally jonesing for a croissant, but sadly Bonaparte Breads had run out by the time I got there. I’ll definitely be back again though, and I’ll be sure to get my croissant fix early on.

farmer's market

When I got home, I opened up my market tote and surveyed my haul. I was quite pleased! I stocked up some greens (kale and spring green mix), asparagus, cucumbers, strawberries and – my personal favorite – roasted red pepper hummus. In full disclosure, that hummus only lasted about 2 days. It didn’t stand a chance!

For dinner later that night I made use of the fresh kale, strawberries, and cucumbers and added some other berries, avocado and almonds for a fragrant and satisfying salad, complete with homemade strawberry vinaigrette.


It was so delicious, fresh, and easy. And I swear the kale is under there, it’s just covered by raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. (Yum!)

cherry blossoms

After such a wonderful experience at Dupont Circle, this is definitely not the end of our Farmer’s Market tour in DC. What are some markets you’d like to see highlighted? Which farmer’s markets are your favorites?

Let us know! Happy Spring!




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