FITmama meets the Pope!


Rosie Pope that is!  

When it comes to motherhood, doesn’t it seem like everyone has an opinion? Your baby looks cold… He looks hungry… Did you put sunscreen on her? Your highchair is not very safe… Are you really feeding him THAT? Why does he go to bed SO early?

Of course they mean well, but the multitude of often opposing opinions from books, blogs, methods, and even our loved ones can lead to a serious case of Mommy Confusion. I believe that the relationship between each child and parent is unique to them and only them, and as mothers we should not feel the need to justify our decisions.

I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow FITmama, Rosie Pope.  Not only is Rosie an amazing mother of three, she also runs a maternity concierge business in New York City, in addition to a TV show, a clothing line, and mommy prep studios! We talked about almost everything mommy-and-baby related – the best sippy cups, “take and toss,” breastfeeding (the guilt of when I should stop?), the dairy dilemma, sleep training, and how to still FIT in time for my family, fun, hubby, and work!


Rosie and her beautiful family

It was such a wonderful experience to be able to exchange honest ideas and questions about motherhood. And I want to share what I talked about with Rosie with all of you lovely FITmamas out there…

Here are Rosie’s top 10 parenting rules to live by:

  1. Admit when you have made a mistake.
  2. Shower your children with love and affection.
  3. Give them structure.
  4. Believe in boundaries.
  5. Love with confidence, because insecurity will devour and distract you.
  6. Treat your children as individuals, because they are.
  7. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  8. Don’t listen to judgmental people. Have confidence in your choices, and if you don’t, consider making new choices.
  9. You can never say “I love you” too many times.
  10. Sometimes, it’s alright to just leave the dishes dirty.
Want to read more of Rosie’s fabulous advice? Click here!

Do you have any bits of FITmama wisdom that you live by? Share them in the comments, or give us a shout on Twitter!


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