FITintheCity: Spring Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! Wait, that doesn’t sound right.  January 1st was months ago…


So why does it feel like I am finally ready to do that New Year’s detox?  Because it’s spring, and spring is my New Year!  You see, whenever people mention the word “resolution” around the actual New Year, I would rather open a bottle of wine and boil up some fresh pasta – not even whole wheat! – rather than dive head-first into the latest, health craze.

But at the first sign of spring, fresh produce starts filling the sad looking bins at the grocery store. I dust off my juicer, as the salad spinner reappears and does a little twirl.  After spending the last 5 years in Los Angeles this felt like the longest, coldest winter I can remember.

I was ready for this warm weather. Warm weather inspires.

Take “Spring Cleaning,” for instance. To me, it doesn’t just mean cleaning out the closet.  The warmer weather inspires us to reboot in many different ways.  Maybe your walks get a little longer, or you decide to bike to that hidden corner of town that you would have driven to a few short weeks ago.  And those heavy soups and stews just don’t seem as appealing.


While for some, the knowledge that bikini season is just a hop, skip, and jump away is enough to kick up the routine a notch, for others the warmer weather just makes you want to be more active.  Who wants to veg out in front of the TV when the sun is making the glare on said TV unbearable?

Anyway, one of my Spring Detox goals this “New Year” is to get to know DC better! The call of the couch was strong with Sandy dancing around outside, but these 80 degree days have urged me to pull out those LA dresses and re-enter the real world.  Here are my top 5 spring-in-the-city must do’s.

  1. Farmer’s Markets.  There are lots of them around town.  First up, Dupont Circle!  Can’t wait to report about what yummy things are being offered for spring.
  2. Find a go-to outside dining option.  Every city has one, or many! The restaurant you long to sit outside of at 5:05 on a beautiful Wednesday.  I’m going to try American Ice Company first. The food might not be fit for fit-foodies, but I have heard wonderful things about the outside patio.  Stay tuned…
  3. Paddle Boarding!  My hubbie and I tried paddle boarding on the Potomac last summer and are eager to check out the Chesapeake.  His spring birthday request (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!) is a paddle board, so I see many paddle board excursions in my future.  What a great way to enjoy a beautiful day and get some exercise outside of a gym or stuffy studio!
  4. Rent a bike.  Should have been done long ago but must happen now.  With Capital Bikeshare only two steps from my front door,  I’m ready to tackle that hill on the way back home from Georgetown!
  5. Fun, heart healthy activity like wine tasting in VA!  This one I actually can cross off the list.  There are many wonderful wineries and hikes throughout the Shenandoah Valley.  We actually visited Naked Mountain Winery, 3 Foxes, and Linden with the dogs this past weekend!  What a great way to enjoy heart healthy wine in moderation and a walk a new trail.


I hope to see you out there with me enjoying these increasingly beautiful days my FIT friends!

What are your favorite ways to get out in the beautiful sunshine during the spring? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter




2 thoughts on “FITintheCity: Spring Resolutions

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