Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market

We’re kicking off our series on local DC farmer’s market with the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market! Are there better ways to spend a Sunday morning than heading out in some beautiful spring weather and stocking up on fresh goodies at a farmer’s market? Well, maybe there are a few things that can top that, but the list is pretty short in my opinion.

tomatoes cucumbers

Here’s the thing – I live very close to Eastern Market, so I don’t usually make it up to Dupont. That said, I am happy to report that the trip was completely worth it. So if you’re far away like me, trust me when I say it’s worth the extra travel.

I headed up there with a friend on a bright, sunny morning to see what it was all about. This farmer’s market is bustling and I got the feeling that people from all over DC, not just the surrounding neighborhood, stop by. The thing that is great about the Dupont Farmer’s Market is that everything is local. Even in the winter months, the farmer’s market is still alive and kicking. They just don’t have very much produce available, because everything is 100% locally grown. Not every market is like this and it’s really refreshing to see!

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FITpic Challenge: Meet our April Winner!

After reviewing all of your fabulous submissions to our FITpic Challenge, we have finally picked a winner! Drumroll please…

FitTrition DC Photo Contest WinnerCongratulations, Ana!  You’re our April FITpic Challenge winner!

Meet Ana. Ana, along with her best friend, ran her first half marathon just a couple of weeks ago — the More Fitness Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park, the race that celebrates women who run, to be exact. (Sounds like our kind of race!)

Her story is truly inspiring. Ana told us, “[My best friend had] done one before and encouraged me the whole way. I wanted to walk at mile 11 and she pushed me to finish and not stop!” She went on to say that the whole experience was “so empowering!”

We’re so proud of you, Ana! Running your first half marathon is an amazing accomplishment.

As this month’s FITpic Challenge winner, Ana has won a free FitTrition training sesson! Woohoo!

Congratulations again, Ana! You rock!

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Do you want to be our May FITpic Challenge winner?

We want to see you in action!


New workout gear? You in your favorite yoga pose? A fabulous FITrecipe of your very own? Rocking it out at a race or just going for a quick run? Whatever makes you a FITguy or FITgal, we want to see it!

Snap your FITpic, send it to, and you might our next winner of a free training session! Yes, it really is that easy.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 27th, so hop to it! We’ll announce our next winner on Friday, May 31st! 


the FITgals

FITmama meets the Pope!


Rosie Pope that is!  

When it comes to motherhood, doesn’t it seem like everyone has an opinion? Your baby looks cold… He looks hungry… Did you put sunscreen on her? Your highchair is not very safe… Are you really feeding him THAT? Why does he go to bed SO early?

Of course they mean well, but the multitude of often opposing opinions from books, blogs, methods, and even our loved ones can lead to a serious case of Mommy Confusion. I believe that the relationship between each child and parent is unique to them and only them, and as mothers we should not feel the need to justify our decisions.

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