It’s All About The FIT: Arm Workout Series

Whether it’s your favorite athletic tank, skinny jeans, LBD, or your wedding gown [of course!] the FITgals know all about the perfect FIT. With spring almost here and warm weather around the corner, we know you are gearing up for your own nuptials or participating in a friend’s big day. Among the FITgals, there are 10 weddings this summer, so we know how important it is to look and feel confident & absolutely gorgeous!

For our first Wedding Workout Series, we are targeting the right FIT for your gown! Whether your dress is princess style, strapless, or mermaid, most styles leave those arms bare. But never fear, your arms will be toned in no time with the help of our arm workout. Repeat these exercises anywhere 3 times a week and you can ensure a memorable pic of tossing (or catching!) the bouquet. Here’s mine!

Wedding Workout: Arms & Shoulders

It secretly works your abs, too! Aim for 2-3 sets with 5 lb. weights

1. Hold Plank – Full Extension (60 sec)

2. Down Dog to Plank to Push-up & REPEAT! (15 reps)

3. Hold Plank on forearms and then lift hips up & back to plank (15 reps)

4. Burpee (low squat, jump to plank, back to low squat, and stand)

5. Bicep curls (5lbs/15 reps)

6. Tricep Dips off a chair and keep your legs straight! (20 reps)

7. Side Plank (hold 60 sec each side) – full hands no elbows

8. Mt. Climbers (hold Plank and bring one foot off the floor hovering and switch– 30 sec)

9. Lateral Raises (20) and Forward Raises (20)

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Melissa & the FITgals


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