FITLife-In Action

Alright FITgals we know age and growing older can be a scary topic, but since beauty is both inside and out and we take pride in nurturing ourselves with healthy eats, fun workouts, and celebrating life!

Two of our FITgals, Liz (aka FITintheCity) and Melissa (FITmama), turned 30 on Wednesday and enjoyed the day with love, friendship, and many smiles 🙂

Check out their FUN and FIT celebration!


Juicy Morning @Puree in Bethesda!! You can find them in Whole Foods on P Street too!


FIT obsession with CorePower Yoga!


Delicious Trout & Watercress Salad


Thank you Brasserie Beck for an amazing birthday lunch!


 The birthday gals taking a well deserved day off to celebrate!


The FITgals out celebrating their first night in their 30’s!

It was a fantastic day of celebrating life, health, friendship and happiness!
xoxo FITgals

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