FITintheCITY: 30?!?!!

Melissa (aka FitMama) and I met on the first day of school at the University of Maryland.  I remember thinking, “if people at Maryland are all like her, I am going to be just fine.”  Who knows how it came up, because, in hindsight, it seems like an odd topic to come up during a first conversation, but it did…Melissa and I shared the same birthday.  We were destined to meet!  We were destined to be friends! (Well, that is what I decided…)  March 13, 1983.  Our birthday.  Which makes today, our 30th birthday!


30 is big.  30 can be a bit daunting and depressing. Where did I think I would be at 30?  What did I think I would be doing?  Where did I think I would I be living? And what are these wrinkles by my eyes!?!?

We all are guilty of setting arbitrary goals and feeling unsatisfied somehow when life doesn’t go according to said “plan”.  When milestone birthdays come up, some run scared.  “If I don’t acknowledge it or celebrate it, it isn’t true…” Instead, Melissa and I have decided to embrace it.  If we have to turn 30, we want to look and feel 25.  Because, after all, it is just a number.  An arbitrary number.  Now in my particular case, genetics helps.  I was still getting carded for rated R movies until a few years ago. And heaven help me if I forgot my license while trying to get wine after going to the gym – no make-up, hair up…not that I ever do that.  But there are also habits that I have embraced that will keep me looking young.
So I am not afraid of 30.  Bring it on!

And I have the added pleasure of ringing it in with my best friend!  I have to say, the last 12 years of sharing my birthday with my best friend has been a real treat.  Who else wants to go on a birthday trip with you?  Who else wants to rent out the back of a bar to ring in your 25th? And who else, at 30, will take the day off to celebrate your birthday?  Your best friend with the same birthday – that is who!
So how one goes about celebrating a FIT birthday?

Here is what we came up with:

  1. We are actually taking the day off.  We are probably the only 30 year olds taking a day off to celebrate their birthday but, you know, celebrating yourself is important!  You don’t have to take off your birthday, but you should take days off to re-set.  Call it a mental health day or self care!!
  2. We are meeting for a morning juice at Puree!  Before going to …
  3. CORE Power Hot Yoga for a power yoga class!
  4. Then, we are enjoying lunch & champagne at Brasserie Beck!
  5. We are wrapping up the evening with family at a surprise location.  I can pretty much guarantee we will be enjoying some wine & dessert!!

Because after all, staying FIT and FABULOUS at 30 is all about balance and moderation!  So leave room for some fun 🙂

Happy Birthday Melissa!  I couldn’t ask for a better present than you!


P.S. Make sure to tune in to FIT life in action this week to see all the fun!  And here are some oldies but goodies of Melissa and I on past Birthdays!!








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